Banaue and Sagada

Hey everyone! This blog post is going to be mostly pictures of my weekend with some other interns up in Banaue and Sagada (hence the title). It was absolutely incredible, as we saw some rice terraces that are at least 2000 years old, went spelunking for 4 hours, and climbed several thousands steps down (up) to (from) a waterfall in the valley of some mountains. Enjoy this picture-heavy blog!

Reaching Banaue at 5:30am after an 8 hour drive from Manila
A view from the breakfast place in Banaue

That wraps up Banaue! On to spelunking in Sagada

The entrance to the cave we would later spelunk, adorned with Hanging Coffins
Spelunking buddies!

The morning after spelunking, we set out to see some more hanging coffins in Sagada. Traditionally, the locals would lay their dead to rest in a fetal position (hence the small coffin on the bottom right) but after missionaries converted the population, they began to use the more Christian rectangular, longer coffin.

The higher the coffin is placed, the bigger the family’s pride

Next, we headed down to Bomod-ok Waterfall. To get there, we had to descend a mountain and cross through a barangay.

View of the Barangay below
More mountains
A spectacularly beautiful bee

We left the following morning, but first we had to enjoy the foggy dawn at the top of the mountains.

Some spooky trees

After, we headed to a strawberry farm and market, where I got to sample some snake wine.

That about does it! I hope you enjoyed my collage.

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